Those Who Can, Teach…If Allowed

Rick Mabrey
2 min readFeb 4, 2022

Parents in America now want to dictate what gets taught in public and private schools? Parents want to decide vaccination and mask policies for other people’s kids? That’s like me demanding to pilot the next commercial plane I’m on with zero flight school training hours, and the fact that I’ve never even been in a cockpit.

In order to get the responsibility of teaching your child I earned an education degree, 3 life certifications in science and journalism, and a master’s degree in writing. Like it, or not, I know more than most of you in the areas I studied and taught for the 31 years teaching experience I had in the public and private school systems of Missouri. Plus, I was pretty damned good at it.

Don’t get me wrong here. My background is not unique…it’s typical of what most teachers have earned and done, or will earn and do throughout their teaching careers. You are shitting yourself to think you know better than a teacher when it comes to what and how something in our specialty area should be taught in school!

About those who want to decide vaccination and mask policies for their kids’ schools? Great! Once you earn your teaching, administrative or medical degree, and get some years of practical experience in the field…get hired, work a bunch, and have at it!

For now, let the professionals be the professionals, and you be the great parents we can only hope that you were, or are.