It Took 2 Bucks To Save My Cat’s Life

Rick Mabrey
2 min readMay 22, 2023

Two young bucks and a pregnant doe with its sidekick literally spoke to me this morning and might have very well saved my cat Benny’s life here in the heart of St. Louis County, Missouri.

Benny wandered away from me below my back deck just before I heard the bucks start to wheeze and snort while stomping the ground. I looked in the direction they were looking and all of a sudden a very well-fed and healthy coyote came through the high grass heading toward the cat in its sight…mine!

I scrambled to get my 14 year old Tabby while the bucks drew the coyote away from us and the pregnant doe. In not more than an instant peace was restored here at the Mabrey Compound, otherwise known as my backyard next to some common ground and a creek.

Life in the suburban wilderness teaches me valuable lessons almost daily that I never got from observing my fellow upright walkers.

I give credit to nature for that, and so does the cat in the next room…sleeping the day away on the couch.

Photos by: Rick Mabrey