Photo by Rick Mabrey

An eagle doesn’t have the flaw of living in the past,

or thinking about the future.

It can only survive and flourish in the present.

I wonder if it is at peace.

Living in the moment of a Taoist.



A Happy Birthday Tribute To My Dad…

Photo by Rick Mabrey

The snow falls outside.

Bygone years and loved ones

come to mind.

The spring to this winter, Dad,

is you…

with us.

Snowmelt to rainfall

Seasons change, give and take

and will pass.

The daylight to all nights, Dad,

is you…

in us.



Photo by Joyce Sheldon

Wanna buy me a girlfriend.

No, not like an escort.

Let me rephrase that.

Wanna hire me a girlfriend.

Pay her to like me.

Offer incentives for sincerity,

pseudo, or not.

Raises for positive performance.

A benefits package including

the pretense

I’m one of those benefits.

Bonuses for every year she stays

longer than the last one did,

who I should have paid

from the get-go

for putting up with me

as long as she did

for free.

Wanna hire me

a new